Welcome on the RCS Shop!

Away (White) and Home (Royal Blue) jerseys :

Home (royal blue) : Available in XXS (35€).

Away (white) : Available in XXS, XS (30€) S, M, L-XL et XXL (40€).


Cap :

Available at the price of 10€ in black, navy blue and royal blue.

Scarf :

 Available at the price of 10€.

Gloves :

 Available at the price of 10€.

To order, please send an email to and indicate the items and the size (for the jersey). The order will be sent after reception of the payment by bank transfer or cheque. The shipping costs are :
17€ inside the European Union and Switzerland;
21€ to Eastern Europe countries outside EU, Norway and Maghreb;
25€ to the other African countries, Canada, USA, Near and Middle East countries;
28€ to other countries.